A versatile series in three finishes with graded neutral tones from light to very dark.

ColoursSizeFinishMade In
10 9Matt, Textured, PolishedItaly

Colour 900×900 mm 450×900 mm600×600 mm300×600 mm150×600 mm 100×600 mm750x750x20 mmMosaic
300×300 mm
300×600 mm
Neutro Bianco Puro ○▢
Neutro Bianco ○▢△○△○△○△
Neutro Grigio Chiaro○▢△○△
Neutro Grigio Medio○▢
Neutro Grigio Scuro○▢△○△○△○△
Neutro Grafite○▢△○△○△○△
Neutro Sabbia○▢△○△○△○△
Neutro Tortora○▢△○△○△○△
Neutro Fango ○▢
Neutro Nero○▢△○△○△○△

Available Finishes (in stock)
Matt – ▲ Textured – ■ Polished

Available Finishes (indent / special order)
Matt – △ Textured – ▢ Polished
Please allow 8 – 10 weeks from confirmation of order. This lead time is subject to stock availability overseas and a minimum order quantity may apply.

Material: Double loaded fine porcelain stoneware
Finish: Polished, Natural, Textured
Shade Variation: V2
Indicative Slip Rating: Available

Accessories available
Product of Italy