Park Marine Hotel


ACF Description 1 – This is a residence with a palpable energy, which moves from outside to in – delivering a contemporary version of a grand villa. The contemporary reinterpretation of the natural stone, in the Mona range perfectly combines with different ambiences inside the home thanks to its clean and delicate lines and informal look.

ACF Description 2 – This house, in the Sydney suburb of Double Bay, started with a generous block of land and a willingness on the part of the client to explore the new experiences an architectural commission can bring.

The house, with its assertive sculptural form, sits to one side of the land, allowing for an impressive landscaped forecourt and a pool area to run along the entire side of the building. This siting balances the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces, placing emphasis equally on both.

The use of natural stone creates visual cohesion, while the drama of the exterior continues internally with a double height entrance, the sweep of a curved wall, a circular skylight and the flourish of a spiral staircase creating unexpected juxtapositions and shifts in light throughout the day.

The Mona range has been used in the Versilia finish for all the rooms, the outdoor areas and for the interior staircase too, creating a visual continuity in the whole project.